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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giving Him our Trust

     As a carry over from yesterday's post, I wanted to just list God's promises that I can think of off the top of my head:
 1) He will never leave us or forsake us.
 2) Psalm 23
     a) We won't have any wants. He will fill all things in us; bring us satisfaction.
     b) He gives us rest and peace. (green pastures, still waters)
     c) He will lead us in His ways. (paths of righteousness)
     d) Mercy and goodness is ours.
     e) We won't fear because He is with us.
     f) We will live in His house forever! (and with Him!)
3) Psalm 91
    a) He will protect us.
4) He will come back and get us one day.
5) He will always have mercy towards us.
6) His love for us will never fail; he will never stop loving us no matter what.
7) He accepts us; he is for us.
8) He loves our soul.
9) He delights in us, and sings over us.
10) He has protected us from His own wrath by taking it on Himself through His Son. We am safe.
11) He will keep us from falling, or from getting off track, or from being deceived as we trust in Him.

     Looking at these promises alone is enough to marvel at and is all we need to journey through this present world. Actually just knowing who He is and that He is with us, and trusting Him is enough; if only we really did.
     So, why don't we? Fear, doubt and unbelief are the issues most of the time. Our own minds, coupled with satan's encouragement which can invade us through others comments of fear, doubt or unbelief affects us. We allow it to sometimes, albeit unknowingly.
     "Little foxes spoil the whole vine," His Word says. When we let in other's remarks or even listen to our own doubtful thoughts, our vine of faith and trust in Him is diminished little by little.
      Oh, to have the faith of a child and to believe Him just because He is our Daddy and He said it. I long to go back to that innocence of belief and wonder as we look at Him.
     I believe He is taking us back to that place; that He is restoring all things in us and in the world. Even as our bodies are breaking down day by day, our spirits are  being renewed! We can use the fact of our bodies lessening as a sign to remind us of the renewing of our spirits, happening simultaneously. His work is progressive, while everything which is flesh or man-made, is in a state of decomposition.
     With that reality, we can be assured that we are becoming child-like again, while He works in us to make that happen, as we trust Him for it, and that our faith is being strengthened and perfected day by day. And, that He will finish what He started in us!
     So, what do we do? Nothing? The answer that I believe God is truly trying to give to us is simply:

Trust Me, and Enjoy the Ride!!!! 
Stand back and Watch the Glory of God!!!



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