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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Seducing Spirit empowers Doctrines of Demons

     The following post really needs to be read first as this is a continuation of that one. In it, was mentioned about the perilous times we are in; times when if  the days were not shortened, as God says, even the elect would be deceived.  But, thank goodness, they will be shortened.
    I think what is read between the lines, though, is how strong the delusions of the end times will be, and that they will become stronger. God says something curious about people being deluded in His Word. He says those who don't love the truth, will be turned over to believe lies. Now how scary is that?  I believe this time is upon us.
     Yesterday I shared one of the demonic doctrines of our day that satan is using to delude people, and they are believing it. It is the new "grace" doctrine perpetuated by Joseph Prince of Singapore. It's not that grace is not true; it's just that this grace he speaks of is not God's kind. (the counterfeit of the true)  Satan craftily uses the word "grace" because it's a sweet sounding, spiritual word,  and then attaches alot of error and heresy to it. It's drawing thousands to it's throne. I believe Joseph Prince is under it's power; whether willingly or innocently, only God knows.
     The second doctrine of demons which is gaining souls today is one called "universalism." This belief is that everyone is going to heaven. It has many different branches of belief. Today it is subtlely inserted in other kinds of teaching, again using Scripture as back up. I won't go into the details of this to try and convince you, but I am saying this by discernment and by the knowledge of the truth, and to give you a heads up as you see this happening, and to beware of it's strong seductive power to deceive. Again, it has a seducing spirit attached to it. This is the most dangerous part of any demonic doctrine. If someone tries to debate the teaching, satan is right there defending it, and he will overpower you.
     A friend of mine described the power of the seducing spirit like this: she was watching a TV show on Atheism, Agnoticism and Universalism. She said that she was so intrigued by it that she told herself she would just watch and see what they had to say. She really knew the teaching was false and deceptive, but she watched anyway, as if she couldn't stop. Her allurement was disrupted by what had to be the Spirit of God telling her "to get out now." So, she did. She "ran to the hills" if you will. Reflecting back, she said her heart was beating so fast when she was watching, and when she turned it off, she felt like she had been rescued. This is the seducing spirit. It is the one that lures addiction, whether physical or spiritual.
     One of the things I have noticed in how these doctrines are being taught is none other than "the bait and switch" method, which is obviously a method satan uses to entrap. He lures the subject with sweet sounding words and promises of freedom. If anyone tries to question these beliefs, he then turns it around, using methods to try and make them think that if they don't believe it, then there is something wrong with them.
     For instance in the "grace" doctrine, if you question the errors in this belief system, you are told that it is your "self-righteousness" showing, and because of this you can't receive God's grace. In the universalism teaching, if you doubt these beliefs, it means something is wrong with your heart because you can't believe God is that good, and there is even a suggestion that you may even want some people to go to hell. If satan can make you doubt your own questions by "accusing you" (which he always does) than maybe he can manipulate you to see it his way. If you do, than you can prove you are not self-righteous, and your heart is truly good. Oh, how deceitful are his ways!!!
     I have never "dared" to expose these doctrines like this, as I knew when I did, satan's demons through people, would rail and rage. But, the whirlpool of souls that are being led astray through these false teachings is getting larger and larger as time goes on, and it is possible that the unsuspecting and naive have been truly deceived, and can get out before being taken further and further into it. I felt an obligation to the Body of Christ, if only through this blog, to tell, from discernment, what I see.
     All it takes is for someone to ask God to help them see if what they are believing is true, and to be delivered from the spirit that has held them in captivity in their mind. I know He is faithful to reveal truth to them, if they truly want to see, and He is faithful to rescue. He will go get the one sheep who has wandered, if their heart is sincerely His, and if they love the truth.

"And deliver us from evil."


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