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Friday, April 26, 2013

Keep Being Healed!

     It took the man 7 times of cleansing to be healed! Of course, the number 7 represents perfection, so whether it is a literal "seven" times or not, (maybe more and maybe less) it shows that healing, many times, is progressive, and not necessarily instant.
     In the Bible Study my sister-in-law and I are doing, it had us focus on the sins of our heart yesterday. By not excusing or justifying them, but by confessing them to God, I believe, our healing (in this case, soul-healing) can happen quicker.
     Currently, (I am talking about within the past few minutes) I have once again been brought face-to-face with one of the things I need healing for, and that is jealousy. I am so thankful that in our study yesterday, I was reminded to bring these things to God and confess them, and, as He promises in His Word, He will cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
     I don't like this jealousy that springs from insecurity, but thank God I know the antidote for it. I know that as I bring it to God, He will forgive me, and cleanse me, but also, I need to press into the love and value He has for me and receive that, too. As insecurity and jealousy leave, something has to fill those places in me.
     These former "dams" in us has prevented His River from flowing in us, and as they are removed, it begins to flow more freely; then it can flow out from us to others.


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