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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Freedom from Soul-Ties-Part II

      Whenever a person gains this freedom from another person, they will then begin to operate with that person differently. The control one had over the other is broken gradually, and new ways to relate begin. The person who is experiencing the new found freedom may begin to draw boundary lines with the other one. Angry reactions may be the result. They are used to being able to control and manipulate, and now they can't, and it makes their flesh mad!!
     This shows the former relationship in all it's ugliness. Before it was bonded by control, fear, flattery or never saying "no." When one person gains some degree of health, and isn't afraid to express themselves, the other has to adjust too, if the relationship is to go on. There will probably be numerous uncomfortable situations that will happen, if both people truly want to continue the relationship, but each time, if the freed person will stand their ground, without wavering, it can successfully happen.
     God only wants us to be connected in this dependent way with Him, and no one else. Even with God, though, He doesn't want us to expect Him to protect us if we will not listen to His voice and "do" what He says. He tells us we aren't to tempt Him. Satan tried to convince Jesus to do this whenever he quoted Scripture to Him on the temple mount. He told Jesus that if he would just jump off the roof than God would send angels to catch him, and Jesus told him that would be testing Him.
     So, in that sense, God has boundaries too. If we only want a relationship with God if we get our own way, and He does what we want Him to do, He says that we can't call Him our Lord. He doesn't want temper tantrum self-centered babies. He wants us to know who He is, trusting in His unconditonal love for us, and be willing to follow Him in faith.
     Letting God identify our soul-ties with people and things, and agreeing with Him in confession, is necessary to be free of them. Then He will empower us to walk in  a new way in that relationship, but remember, the devil won't like it. You have been operating in his ways of dysfunction, and he wants you to continue to do so. He doesn't want you free to love God with your whole heart, and receive His love fully. He likes those blockages in us, and more than likely put them there in our ignorance. But we must go on in these new ways, empowered by His Spirit, if we are to be overcomers in His Name.


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