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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Go Immediately to Jesus

     It's awesome how God can move in a person and make something good out of something not so good. This happened to me last night.
    I received a phone call last night which caused me mental and emotional disturbance. The disturbance was over someone in our family who is not doing well, and in their unrest, they are causing innocent children, who we love and care about, to be distressed.
     When I was given the information on the phone, my first reaction was one of judgement and accusation. I was angry at the person who made a bad decision, and I was in fear of them going down a wrong path, which could lead to further bad decisions and distress for not only them, but for their marriage and their children.
     Because of this, I verbally attacked them in front of my husband. He, too, was distressed by the information we were given for the same reasons. When I am in fear and feeling helpless, I attack. I haven't been able to conquer that one, especially when it involves loved-ones.  
     Soon after my verbal dress down of this person I love, who I want to stop doing these things for their own good and the good of the children, I realized that it was the wrong way to deal with it. I regretted my first reaction, and then switched gears.
     When my husband got in bed with me,  after we had turned out the lights, he led us in prayer for all concerned. I was so thankful for him at this moment. I needed him to lead it at this time, as I was too upset emotionally. I couldn't even think to voice a prayer, and he was turning us in the right direction.
    After this, I was thinking about all the single women out there who had children in severe trouble who had no one to pray with them or no one to talk about things with, in the dark night. Compassion filled me, and so I lifted those women up to the Lord that they would experience His "husband" comfort and care for them, and that they would be given assurance by Him that He was watching over their children, too.  
     I so want my emotions NOT to rule the day. I want to be able to turn to God first in any and all situations. In the Bible Study I am doing with 2 other women, we have learned that even our reactions can be sinful, as mine were.
      As I judged, so was I, as Romans 2:1 more/less says. When I reacted as I did, didn't I too, hurt my marriage, myself and my children, as I accused the other person of doing? Yes. I did.
     "It's the mercy of God that leads sinners to repentance," God says in His Word. Does this mean that when I know God's mercy will be there for me when I sin, that it is that very thing, that will help me to not do it anymore? Hmmmm...........And could it also mean that when I don't accuse and judge others also, when they sin, that could aid in them turning from their sin? It certainly is something to seek God about.
     I just had a thought. When we sin, many times, we wallow in our guilt. In that guilt, we feel stuck, and don't approach the throne of grace to receive forgiveness, the very thing we need. Then , our guilt remains and we repeat our sin. A vicious cycle.
     When we have a heart of forgiveness already available to others sin, I think helps them come to God more freely. "If this is how His people are," they may think, "then that's how He must be. I want to know that God!!! I want to know His love!!!"
     This once again shows how important our own need to continue to let God work in us is. When we are cleansed more and more, it does affect everyone around us. Like the ripple effect-it keeps going and going and going, and once again, He is glorified.


  • At 5/14/2013 7:04 AM , OpenID livingmoreabundantly said...

    I have been in that same situation and initially reacted the same way! It's hard to see our loved ones being put in danger etc.. but we serve a might God that understands us better than we understand ourselves and is more than willing to forgive when we ask Him. We truly are blessed!


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