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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Precious Word of God

       My sister-in-law made a statement yesterday that I am chewing on. She said that she believes the reason Christians aren't growing in Christ, and are in fact going backwards, is that they are not continuing to study the Word of God. I can agree to that based on the Word itself which says that we are to renew our minds by the Word of God. The Word is truth, and it replaces our old mindsets and false beliefs which have been planted there by the world's view, and our own carnal thinking. When we bathe our minds with the "new" truths of the Word, our mind becomes aligned with His mind, making us of "one mind" with Him. So, feeding on God's Word is very important. "You are what you eat" as the saying goes. Or another adage is "garbage in; garbage out."
     Of course, as we read the Word and let it renew our minds, our actions should also change according to the new truths. This next step of letting the Word have it's way in and through us brings life, as we carry it out in daily living. To let it die inside us, by not living it, is to render it ineffective. As God says in the book of James: "Faith without works is dead."
     Looking at what Jesus said about this, we again look at the written Word. He told the disciples that He had food they knew nothing about, and then He identified that food as DOING the will of His Father. So, washing our minds with the written Word, and doing the will of the Father, after we know His will by reading His Word, is the most satisfying thing of all. It fills our souls, and renews our minds!!!



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