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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

God's Holistic Health Program

     I'm realizing lately that part of being made whole is me taking care of myself, or should I say, that the outcropping of what God has done and is doing in me, is that I am beginning to care about my own health, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. God takes a holistic approach, or wants total restoration in our beings.
     For example, I am seeing that I need to be around people with the gift of encouragement. This upbeat, edifying gift in operation helps me come out of my leaning towards despair as the people who have it speak life giving words to me.  I have the gift of a "see-er", and with that gift comes burden bearing, intercession and blowing the trumpet when truth is being confronted and a spiritual enemy is near. As a result, I  experience other's pain, and the result to my spirit is to dampen it and bring it down. The person with the gift of encouragement offers a fresh and light perspective to the situation which counters that. We need one another.
     Realizing this about myself, I seeing that to be around an encouraging person, is just what I need to do whenever I am beginning to "go down," and that it is o.k. to do this, and probably even what the doctor is ordering for me at these times. So, I will try to make a point of availing myself of this opportunity.
     Availing ourselves of what God has provided for our needs, is one of the new things He is opening my eyes to, and I am feeling He wants me to take advantage of, or access. His Word says that He provides everything according to Life and Godliness for us, and so why not receive what He has provided? To deny His provision may be due to pride (I can do it myself) or false humility, and could mean we are pushing back His Hand, and ultimately His Help. It's no wonder we feel distant from Him, if that is the case.
     I can't pinpoint the "thing" God has done in me to even consider me to open up to all He's provided for me in all these different ways. I only know that before I had closed myself off from them, thinking that if I availed myself of them (such as the encouraging person) , "just for me" that doing that would be selfish or self-centered, which in reality, it is just the opposite. It shows that I realize my own lack, and am opening up to what He lovingly has provided for me. It's to "let Him" provide for me, which is not selfish, but really shows humilty. So,whatever it is that He has done on the inside of me is good.
     I can't just tell  you to open up to His provision, and then expect you to do it, but I can say that if you open up to His work in you, He will get you there. This all encompassing work of wholeness is something He's provided for us on the cross. He not only has died to free us from our sins, but also died to make us whole, body, soul and spirit. In prayer today, you can tell Him that you want Him to cleanse you and make you whole, and I truly believe He will start that process in you.
    It will be the hardest thing your flesh has ever gone through, as it is called, "dying to self." But, in the end, it will be the most glorious.


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