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Friday, June 07, 2013

Reality is Truth; Truth is Reality

     Lately God has been showing me how the truth involves more than just what has traditionally been taught and thought. In addition to being equivalent to what light and life is, it also is "what is real." Think about it. When something is true, it is real, and it is not corrupt, it lasts forever, and it provides safety. Ultimately, Jesus Christ is the Truth.
     On the other hand, lies and what is not real, includes pretending or pretense, in any way, shape or form. We are involved in darkness (or lies, or not being in the truth) daily, either coming from others in what they say or do, or coming from ourselves. And, it opens the door for the enemy to come in. He is the Father of lies and in him is no light. (or life or truth)
     Let's take the idea of pretending. In our imagination, are "tools" we use to try and protect ourselves by pretending, or we just dabble in ideas by creating things the way we want them to be. Our carnal minds delight in these things; so does the devil. If we begin to exercise this power we have to create, apart from reality (or what it true) the enemy takes advantage of this, and adds his own power to it. If we don't resist and repent, by turning to God and call on His power to deliver us, overtime he will take over and control our thoughts and actions, leading us further and further into darkness. If we don't realize what is happening, we go on ignorantly thinking we are just playing harmless, little games. At the same time, we are going deeper and deeper into a dark hole with blinders on.
     That is why I am blogging this today. It is in hopes that someone reads it, asks God about it if they are involved in this kind of mind activity and turn and be saved. It becomes withcraft and demonic oppression, if not possession, overtime. Even so called innocent "imaginary friends or animals" of children is dangerous. Anything which takes someone away from reality (or truth) the devil can use by adding power to it, which many find hard to resist. In children, it is my belief that the younger he can snatch them, the better, especially in the formative years.
    Escaping from reality either in imagination or in taking drugs or drinking alcohol or by eating, or by whatever means can become a snare, which can cause a stronghold of the enemy to result. Becoming aware of his devices can either help save ourselves, our children or others from becoming trapped in his clutches. Calling on the Holy Spirit's power is the only way to resist him if someone is tempted in these ways.
     Walking in the truth in terms of staying in reality is part of the protection God offers us. As we grow more and more in His likeness, by continuing to yield to the work He does in us, helps strengthen His power in us, which in turn dispels the darkness which would try and come our way.
    "Help me look at reality, Lord, and give me the strength to stay in reality with Your help, and not resort to my own means of escape or avoidance," is my prayer today, as the fiery darts of the enemy are pointed towards us, as God's children if we open ourselves up to him. "Close the gaps in me, oh Lord." Amen.   


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