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Thursday, June 06, 2013

God-the Only Trustworthy One

     When trust is violated between persons, it takes time to recover from that. The mental and emotional pain involved in a betrayal requires healing. Sometimes an outcropping of this includes becoming wary of trusting anyone. What is worse is when doubt has been cast on someone by accusations and you don't know if they are true or not. Then there is the case of when someone does something that doesn't make sense, and where there is an influence involved that has seemed to control them, but you can't prove it.
    My husband and I have experienced these situations over the past few months with several persons we thought we knew, and we knew we loved. Not knowing what to do about it and how our decisions would affect our relationships, we sought the Lord for His wise counsel and direction. Overtime, He gave us direction step by step, but it seems like the relationships are suffering anyway on their side.
     When we seek God, sometimes, we think His direction and outcomes are going to end up where everyone lives happily ever after. Not necessarily so. Perhaps He is wanting the relationships to end, for His purposes. In our case, maybe the relationships we had were "built on sand" and when the testing came, they failed. Maybe the other persons only kept relationship with us based on what we were doing for them only, and weren't really based on love.
     Because of this shaking, we are now hesitant to make new friends, or even get closer to anyone without wondering what they "want" out of us. I know this is not good, but after experiencing these things, it is only normal to atleast be more careful in the future in joining with others. And that is also what the Lord may be trying to get out of this-He may be wanting to be the One who directs us in who to join with to protect and/or grow us in Him.
    So, we are in the healing and restoring process currently, and we'll see what the Lord has in store for us. I am thinking He is re-directing us specifically to certain people who we could bless and who could bless us simultaneously. Then again, He may just have us be used again, so we can learn to pray for and love our enemies. That, I feel, is more in line with what He would do in order to stretch and grow us. Again, it's the dying to self process He's after. Ultimately He wants our complete trust and availability whether it feels good to us or not. And the beat goes on.


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