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Sunday, June 16, 2013

God's Creative Power

   In 13 years my husband will be 80 years old. I tend to look ahead like that.  I try to scope the future to approximate how much time we have left here together, so that if we feel the Lord would have us make changes, than we could and would. I brought this up to him yesterday, and he said he had been thinking about the same thing a few days ago, and felt that there was really nothing different he would want to do.
     This left me in a tizzy somewhat, as I had always believed that our lives have been building to a crescendo, and towards the end they would create a picture that the Lord Himself had been drawing, and everything we had been through would then all make sense. Not that we would be well-known by others, but that we would know finally what the Lord had been up to in our lives, and feel confident that He had used everything which made up our lives for His glory and purposes. 
     In the course of the conversation, I had mentioned that we could continue our missionary work, and he asked where would we go, to which I had no answer. Since our lives recently has taken a turn due to circumstances beyond our control, things have changed with the people we had formerly worked through, and now our focus has been altered somewhat. In this transition period, we are not sure where and on what our focus is to be centered now. The question remains at this late date in life, "where do we go from here?" and we are asking it to the Lord. So far we haven't heard an answer.
     I've had some ideas, but as a friend of mine said recently, "there are alot of ideas, but if the anointing isn't on them, then they are just ideas." So, we seek God's anointed ideas for the rest of our lives. I hope when He imparts them to us, that it will be perfectly clear and resonates firmly in our souls, as I don't like one little bit, doubts and ambiguity. And especially conflict between my husband and I, and this is the area that he is speaking to me about lately.  It is perhaps this one area that has slowed us down from seeing or hearing what God has for us, and I am asking Him to help me with this.
      I had stopped this post with the sentence above and had saved it to finish later. Now is later, (6:00 p.m.) and I'll continue.

       I went about my day, and God was so good to share so much with me concerning what I had asked Him for help with. I put all the cards on the table, that I knew of for His scrutiny and discretion. Either He could change them, deal me new cards, or tear them up. I was all His to do with as He wished. I submitted to so much that I unknowingly had never been able to surrender before. When He brought things into the light in me which had not been according to His will, I (by His enabling power, of course) was able to let go of them. I'm talking about long held beliefs and perspectives I thought had been His will before, and had decided I would hold onto them come hell or high water; even stake my life on them. Now, He was showing me I had been wrong and it was stunning, and so refreshingly humbling. I felt a peace, excitement and a lightness as a result.
     Also, within a few hours, He had restored something I thought He was going to take away, and had brought agreement between my husband and I and it felt good and right. With those changes, hope was renewed and new purpose and direction was seen in our lives.
     It makes me think of how seemingly quick God works, like when He brought things into creation. And God said, and there was. That is what it seems like He's done in us. He's created harmony, hope, direction,  and purpose in what seemed like a nano second.


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