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Saturday, June 15, 2013

His Sovereign Healings

     Trying to explain healing as a doctrine can lead to confusion and trouble. Some say if someone isn't healed, then it is due to the fact that the one needing healing didn't have enough faith. Others, perhaps subconsciously, think that if someone prays for their healing and they don't get healed, then it is because the one praying didn't have enough faith. As a result, a sort of "blame" game, albeit secretly, happens.
     Recently, I got stung on my finger by a wasp, and I believe that I am slightly allergic to the venom. Three days later, there was still alot of swelling, and the itching was waking me up at night. I then asked for prayer from my husband and 3 adult children. There was no miraculous healing that took place. Today (the 4th day) it seems to be a little better. Hopefully, it is healing now.
     It seems that in the area of healing, that if we don't allow for God's sovereign way and timing in it all, then we are left perhaps feeling neglected personally, and even un-loved, and the ones praying can feel like "their prayers weren't good enough," or the ones praying can judge the one being prayed for  as "not having enough faith." This round robin can result in many people's faith beign attacked, doubted or weakened, or worse, people may even "blame God."
     When God decides when someone gets healed, and it doesn't line up with when people think they should or when they want to get healed, I think He has His reasons. In my case, I believe that He wanted me to ask for prayer, which is a humbling action. If I had been healed instantly, instead of having to suffer a little, I wouldn't have reached out to my family, shared my hurt with them, and let them love me by praying for me in this way. God has been bringing me out of isolation lately, and teaching me my need of others and of their love, and so I think that He used this episode in a small way to help me in this process. 
     There are so many ways, means and strategies of God that we can't even begin to try and figure out the what, why and when of His healing plan for us and others unless He reveals it to us. He may even reveal some, and not all of it to us. That is His sovereign choice. Again, He is God. 
    We'd all like to understand healing, in a nutshell, and so many groups of people have come up with a succinct teaching about it. Some say, "if you truly believe" than you will be healed now-period. The implication is that if you don't receive a instantaneous healing, than something is wrong with your faith. The enemy surely can use the doubt and fear that comes from this teaching to bring condemnation and guilt on someone.  
     God uses many ways to heal, but make no mistake, He is the Healer. He may have someone dunk 7 times in the pool of Saloam, or He may speak to them and say, "pick your mat up and walk," or He may choose to make a mud salve out of his spit and rub it on your eyes. These different ways seen in the Word of God
I believe, are trying to show us that He doesn't have a specific format, neither when He walked the earth, and even today.
     A physical healing is wonderful, and from His blessed Hands, but I truly believe that He is after so much more than that. He is the lover of our soul, and wants to touch, heal and make whole our minds, wills and emotions to be conformed to His image for the sake of His glory.


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