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Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessed Submission to an All-Knowing God

     Today is a new day and a new week. It's Monday. I don't know what it will hold, but my Father in Heaven does, and that is awesome. Just to think of Him and know that He is all-knowing blows me away.  I mean He even knows what my minute by minute decisions will be in each day, and what circumstances will present themselves in my life, and what other people I come in contact will think and do, and how that will affect me, and what I will do in response to them, and how that will affect them, and on and on and on. He knows the beginning from the end, and He is the beginning and the end, and He is without beginning and without end.
     Now wrap your mind around that. The truth is we can't, and I don't think we are meant to. Even though God does reveal certain things about Himself to us, through His Son, there are parts of Him we will never be able to truly relate to, as He is the Potter and we are the clay. Or simply He is God, and we are not.
     Because He is God, He holds attributes so far above ours, that He is held in supremacy over us, as it should be. Because He is above us, and we are under Him, the right order is established for us to follow Him and His will. Even if we don't acknowledge this truth, we still run into it when we violate His Lordship in our lives in the form of reaping what we've sown.
     A life which is in constant resistance to this established order will never get rewarded with His peace, but will always be in perpetual conflict, until  there is submission to His will and ways. There is a peace the world gives, but He says that is not His peace. His peace is  inward and is ever present inspite of any and all circumstances.
     So, this all-knowing God, who is already aware of what mine and your week will look like and what will happen, is the One who governs the universe with all wisdom and truth, and He'd like to govern our universe. The question is whether or not, we will let Him, and get in line with His established order of Him being Head over us, and receive blessings untold. These blessings, I'm convinced have nothing to do with material goods, but are blessings that affect our soul of peace, love and joy unspeakable. He promises that if we put Him first, then all these other things will be added to us.
     As we approach this new week, let's trust the One who died for us, and submit under His blessed will for us, and see how differently our days become. I know I have a very strong will of my own, but I truly want to trust Him more and more and I want to do as He'd like me to do every minute of every day. I'd like for Him to be glorified in my life as I do, and for Him to fulfill every purpose He has for my life. I want my decisions to be His decisions, and for me to get out of the way. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Come and have your way in me. Amen.


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