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Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Me a Servant

     I just read Matt. 20:20-25. It tells about a mother who asks Jesus if He could reserve 2 places on either side of Him for her 2 sons in His Kingdom, to which He responds in saying that if anyone wants to be special in His Kingdom, that they need to serve others as He has done. By implication, He is saying that to "be somebody" special is not to be well-known by association, (Him, in this case) hold a favored position, or be elevated above the rest.
     Today in our accomplishment driven, goal-seeking, it's all-about-me society, it is difficult to even hear this message. I mean we can hear it, but to really tap into it's meaning, and put it into practice in our daily lives, would mean we must go against the flow. We must consciously decide not to pursue our dreams if they involve us being the center of attention and glory, and instead focus on other people and their needs.
     There is another complication that can arise when we place ourselves in this position, and that is knowing when we have gone overboard with this. The sheer mention of the word "codependency" can cause us to run far from this posture of serving. What I mean is when is helping someone else really helping them, and when does it turn into a dependency that is keeping them from growing strong in their own right?
     When I think of a serving person, I think of one in the background who quietly is attuned to and willing to put other's first. This person is usually thought of as spineless, mousy or even insecure. But what if they are the most secure person of all? What if they are so secure in Jesus that they don't have to be #1, or be seen by others, and who can love others freely and serve them because they truly do understand and receive His acceptance of them, and want to pass that on? They understand that God and the company of heaven sees them and what appears to be their insignificant life, and graciously serves others with this awareness. They serve God by serving others, and great is their reward in Heaven. Not only this, but they have unlocked the secret to happiness in their serving, and truly live in the truth that it is better to give than to receive.
     How can a person lay out their own plans, hopes and dreams, pursue them with all their determination and serve other people? Some could argue that they can serve others and their own plans too, but I believe that in attempting to do both, the "I" will come out winning (losing?) in the end. Because when we pursue our own dreams, we end up ignoring, neglecting or by-passing others whose needs are in our way.
     My heart's cry presently is for God to help me love people the way He does. I know that if I have His heart, I will not want or need to elevate myself, and I will be open and willing to serving their needs, and by His Holy Spirit, He will balance it all out according to His vision and purpose. Let His dreams and purposes be fulfilled in all of our lives, and let Him only be glorified.

     This might help explain why so many people end up attempting to fulfill their own lives, instead of being willing to serve God and His purposes; they've been "set free" from bondage through Jesus, but then they become a "slave" to themselves, and don't use their freedom to serve Him.



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