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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get Out of the Way; God is Coming!

     I've heard the adage that if we trust God, He will prove Himself to us. Sometimes it feels like I am not trusting God, but deep inside I am. When I am not feeling Him or not seeing Him work is when I feel this way. Another adage is that our feelings can deceive us-Amen to that! That is what I am talking about.
     But, inspite of our feelings, He does indeed eventually come through, and brings life to us, and to situations in our life. Sometimes He moves in a few months time, and sometimes years. "Those who wait upon the Lord will never be put to shame"-Psalm 25:3. This isn't an adage, but a timeless truth or promise of God.
     In our waiting, He develops so much in us, that when the promises we are trusting in come to pass, we are ready to receive them in a right way. We then realize that it is all Him and not us who has brought the provisions and not by our own efforts. The only thing that we provided is the waiting and the trusting. We receive them in thanksgiving and humility, especially if our own efforts to gain anything has been constantly defeated and/or brought us pain and suffering. Finally, we step back and wait and trust.
     We can bemoan ourselves because we didn't let go sooner, and reason that if we had, the promises would have come to pass sooner. This is probably true, but if the truth were known, there are some things in us that have to be removed/destroyed first in order for us to let go. I think that sometimes we have to go through certain things (reaping in the form of pain and suffering) in order for our flesh to be convinced that in it "dwells no good thing." Then, we become ripe for the picking, or we become ready to receive.
     When God gets us in that position, He can work and bring about His promises. We have more/less given up on ourselves, and are ready and waiting for Him to move, and trusting Him for the way and the time of it all.
     In this place, we begin to see "things fall into place" in our lives. No credit for what we have done is taken, as we now know, that trusting in ourselves merits nothing of life. Even though we may have material goods from our striving, the life of God inside us is not present. Our own rewards ring of sterility and deadness. God's work in us and in our circumstances in response to our trusting Him brings with it His presence and His life. Now that is worth it all, and is what makes us truly prosperous. (or flourishing)


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