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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Internal Springs

     I know what it's like to draw from the fountain inside of me; the living waters; the wellspring of life-Jesus by His Holy Spirit. I have been experiencing dryness lately, and I expressed it on the previous post. Well, I guess God heard me and answered.
     Today His grace was manifest to me from the inside out. It was as if I was self-sustained, and this is something I haven't experienced to this degree before. I have always needed others approval or attention or affirmation, but today was different. Today I feasted on the truths of how God sees me, and it was enough! In one way, I couldn't believe it. I would be ignored or interrupted or even criticized, and I went on in my peaceful bliss with the Lord and being nourished by the truth that I am accepted, celebrated, encouraged, and rejoiced in by His heart. And it was in this posture that I remained secure.
     I wish I could live in that forever. On one hand, it's true that I will, (eternal life with Him) but on the other hand, my darned flesh rears it's ugly head and interrupts this existence, while I am still in this body.
    Just one drop of His presence and peace, though, makes it worth it all. I have longed for this place in Him for a long time, and I experienced it today.


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