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Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Perpetual Vacation Spot

     I just returned from our family reunion in Southern California. I had  a wonderful time there with family and the weather was out of this world. It was in the upper 70's to the lower 80's with almost zero humidity. In the South here, we experience very hot weather with high humidity, to the extent that you have to stay inside, and wait to mow  your yard until about after 6 or 7 o'clock at night.
     It seemed I stayed "in the zone" most of the time while there. (Refer to previous post) I felt the Holy Spirit ministering in me, and through me. The weather is great in that place too; I would say "heavenly." It's a place of peace, love and joy. A sort of  protective cocoon, which leaves one undisturbed even though storms are happening around you. I am finding that it is my emotions which "spoil" my time and others from having a good time in this "vacation" spot.
     But, this time, I was able by His power, to resist my emotions from taking over, and remain at peace. I could actually feel the force of them trying to get in and take over, but His power of protection, love and grace superseded them. It was like a vacuum someone might feel inside a house, when a tornado is happening outside, but it doesn't penetrate the walls of the house, but is felt by those inside. It is palpable, but impenetrable.
     One of the strongest emotions that really gets me to crater, though, is fear. It is really a strong force, and even works with one's own God given instincts to "fight or flight"  against oneself. I'm not saying that God wouldn't have us operate in these methods for our protection, but I am talking about remaining in a state or place of peace and calm through it all,  and in spite of  it all, regardless. It is actually Him and His character, I believe, which when He is allowed to flow thorough us, that creates in us this felt state of being.
     As we were on the airplane coming back, and talking to our cousin, that a fear rose up in me in response to what he told us about a situation here at home. I got sort of frightened and felt my peace beginning to go, but then decided to pray about it and the people involved, and the rising storm (in me) began to wane. Trusting God to work it out and through people, keeps things from escalating. It still isn't resolved in this  physical realm, as I write, but it is resolved in the spiritual realm, since it's been offered to God. I am beginning to know that me praying for people and situations is the best thing I can give not only to them, but to myself also.
     Can we truly be "in the world" but not "of it"? This is partially what I am talking about. When I was in California, I found myself in a literal place that I wouldn't have particularly picked out to go myself. I was with four other people, and we ended up there. Even though this place was rather compromising to my standards, I found that I wasn't judging others, but loving them, as "they knew not what they were doing." In this way, my peace remained, and the Holy Spirit was able to continue to flow through me. As I write this, I realize a prayer that I prayed many, many years ago, is becoming a reality. The words of this song prayer was , "flow through me, flow through me, open up my heart, and let your mercy flow."
     God continues to work in us, as we let Him do it. We are a life long project of His; of Him conforming us to the image of Jesus Christ. After time, I am convinced that as we become "one with Him" that "more of Him" and "less of us" is seen through  us; a welcome relief. It is when we are in this place that we are in the zone; Him in us, felt through us, is the prime vacation spot with peace, love and joy as the amenities of a lifetime. Book it today. It's heavenly. It's the place where Stephen was as they stoned him; violence without, but peace within.  


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