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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love Never Fails

     Today I am beginning to get ready to leave for California for a few days to attend my husband's family reunion. It's a big deal for us, because it's the first time in our 43 years of marriage, that we have flown together to do something for our enjoyment. Other trips have taken us to funerals, or overseas to do missionary work.
     In all our years of being married, we have only gone to about 3 family reunions, because my husband stayed home and took care of the farm, while his Dad attended. It was his Dad's brothers and sisters that decided to have these reunions many years ago. It evolved from a sad situation, when my husband's grandparents were both killed in an auto accident. The siblings decided that in order to make sure they stayed connected, because they lived far from each other, that they would start having reunions. And they have ever since.
     I like my husband's family; the brothers and sisters, the aunts and uncles and the cousins, and all their children, etc. They are, what they say,  from "good stock." They are "good people," and from what I have heard over the years, it is mainly because of MawMaw Blount, who was a kind and caring mother and person, who didn't discriminate between people, but loved all who she had contact with.
      She had a strong faith in God, and even wrote a poem of how she wanted to be remembered; a treasured, and hand-written piece of her heart. It was given out at one of the family reunions for all to read and have, and is a testimony of what were the priorities of her life. It shows that the living out her faith in the Lord was number 1. Because of this, I believe, her families' hearts were blessed by the love she deposited in them, and that is what made them "good stock." Even though they may not all be Christians today, she obviously plowed their hearts with her love, so that it made it easier for them to receive "the implanted seed of the Word of God through Jesus Christ," when they came in contact with it.
     So, as we go to this reunion, this love which I've been exposed to over the  years through the various people we've visited with, will meet and greet me. What a good thing blessed fellowship is, and how amazing it is how "love, given away" from one person can continue to flow through the generations, and even to those who married into the flow like me.
     Thank you, MawMaw Blount, for your love. It is still alive in your family, and is touching hearts even today in the year 2013.

P.S.-If you'd like to read her poem, it is printed in my father-in-law's book, I Always Had a Dream, by Thomas Cecil Blount. (

      He wrote the memoirs of his 95 years of life last year. It is an amazing story of his growing up days of moving all over the country with his family, and tells of his vision for a farm, and how his God given characteristics of perseverance and optimism made that dream and much more, become a reality.


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