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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Accept Your Calling Confidently, but Humbly

     " A prophet is without honor in his own hometown."-This is the Scripture that played in my mind this morning. I know God put it there, to share with a brother who has this gift, and to remind me that I, too, have it, and to encourage me to continue to use  it confidently, but to also remember that those close to me, will probably doubt or reject the truth of that, or in what God gives me to share. So, it was with Jesus.
     It seems, too, that rejection is just part of the calling, but He uses it to strengthen one in it. One of the problems that I have had with the calling, is that I have ignorantly projected it onto "all followers of Christ" thinking that they all could see what I saw, and I was wanting them to confirm that.
     This has been wrong thinking on my part. I had honestly thought that if I could see things, than others could to. But now, I'm thinking that I am to share what I see with them, even if they reject it, or me, and to "put my hand to the plow and not turn back." In this way, I will stay "fit for the Kingdom of God," and get out what God wants others to see by me sharing what He's shown me.
     And why doesn't a prophet get honor in (I'm going to call it) "his sphere of influence"? People are familiar with him there, and like Jesus, they say, "Isn't he the son of Joseph,"? looking at us as humans, which we indeed are. But, when God gifts someone with a supernatural gift, and puts that gift in a human vessel, people let the vessel get in the way of what God has put in it, and tend to discount it because of that.
    Maybe that is why God opens doors for people with the gift to go other places and speak what He has given them and then they go back home. Just a thought. He's given me this blog, to go places around the world, to speak to people who I don't know and who don't know me, so that the message, and not the messenger, is proclaimed without the distraction of me, and who I am. It really is an ingenious move on God's part in how He's used man's technology to get His messages, revelations and prophecies communicated world wide, without anyone literally going anywhere or having to pay any money to do it!!!!
     Huldah-who was she? She was a prophetess; yes, a woman who was a prophet. Someone many years ago, proclaimed to me that I had this gift, and he gave her as an example to me, for assurance, that God does gift woman too in this way. It just came back to my memory this morning. God is calling me on, and encouraging me once again. I feel strengthened!
     So, if you have this gift, I encourage you too, my brother or sister to let what He's shown you, or put in you to speak, to proclaim it by His power and protection without wavering. After all, it's not your gift to own or take credit for, God forbid, but for you to let Him use you in this way, with the ultimate desire for Him to be glorified. Amen.



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