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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

He Builds Up and He Tears Down

     As we "let" God continue to cleanse us or to "let" His light dispel the darkness in us, which was of our fleshly nature, His attributes surface through our being more and more. This process displays "the exchanged life," or our old, sinful selfish life for His Life of love, peace and joy.
     It will affect our relationships more than anything else. From a point of "neediness" of what I think I need and go about trying to procure it for ourselves, to a place of "wholeness" as we accept the love and value He places on us, we can progressively love as He loves, not wanting or needing anything in return. We become content with His love, and from this, we can pour into others' lives. We will not longer become "a burden" on others, but a blessing.
     So, it's with that in mind, that it becomes necessary to listen to the Holy Spirit of truth, as He shows us those walls we have built inside of us which prevent His love from flowing out of us. What do we do with those walls when we know they are there? By choosing Life, by His power in us, we can let them fall down only. To choose life can mean choosing His ways to deal with things in our lives, and not the ones we have become used to in protection ourselves. Of course, this involves trusting that He "has our backs" aka "trusting Him."
     I believe that every time we do choose life, that one more brick in our wall falls down, and more of His light, love and life is allowed to shine "out of us." As I've mentioned before in my blog, one of my biggest walls is fear. I fear that if I don't control things, than I won't be loved. Unfortunately over the years, a wiring has happened inside me of being afraid, getting angry, and then trying to control things or people, in my flesh (which I know is ineffective) to protect myself from harm, or to try and make people love me.
     But, I must say, that God has helped me greatly in this, even though it's been a long process. That wall must have been so thick and tall! The desire to be loved is the strongest force on earth, and my flesh must have thought, "I will not be denied," and so it developed underground ways to try and get what it wanted. Has it worked? Not at all. It has caused more problems than I wish to go into.
     The aspect of letting Him reveal the inner walls of your soul, and to "let" Him tear them down is vital to our growth in His love and grace. Our participation of "choosing" the life (explained above)  He's already won for us as we have received Him as our life, is paramount in to this process. It is redemption manifested through our mortal bodies.
     I see a man named Joshua (Jesus) marching around the city 7 times, blowing His trumpet, so that He can possess the city. (our souls) We need to "let" the walls come tumbling down,  and not resist Him, for His name and for His glory!!!



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