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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Voice of Many Waters

     Have you ever heard "respectful conversation?" I have, and it's beautiful. It sounds like living waters.
     When they were younger, my husband and his brother would talk to each other this way, and it was so congenial and soft spoken, and filled with love that it would even bring me comfort as I listened from another room. It was like a melody sung with perfect harmony. It seemed spiritual as it was full of grace. It flowed in peace, no matter what they were talking about. Not knowing it then, but seeing it now, it caused a hunger in me for God's love.
     Last night I watched a movie in which a man had this same soft-spoken manner about him, as he expressed himself to a woman he had just met. She later left her abrasive husband for this man, who wasn't exactly good-looking, but who treated her with ultimate respect in humility which communicated true love. As he spoke to her, his very tone and manner towards her seemed to cleanse her from the abuse of her past, and restored her joy and passion for life.     
     And, of course, that is how Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, talks to us. "He has the voice of many waters," (Rev. 1:15) John said, as he relayed his visual and auditory experience of Jesus, on the island of Patmos. Have you heard Him talk to you lately in this sweet, loving and respectful way?
     Many times, when I think I hear Him, His "voice" has been filtered through my not yet renewed mind. In all honesty, I can think of only a few times, when His true voice, from His heart of love for me, has been received untainted to me.
     Although very personal and endearing, I will share one of those times. I was going through a hard time for many months, and like we do sometimes, I brooded about it instead of going to Him with my troubles. During this period, I attended a woman's retreat in the beautiful hills of Hot Springs, Arkansas. They had set up prayer tents outside for the woman to go to at any time during the retreat.
    Since I wanted to go and pray, but didn't want other woman in there with me, I had planned to wake up very early in the morning and go to one of the tents, and so I did. When I got in the tent, and before my knees hit the ground, He said to me, "I've missed you. I'm glad you came to meet with me. What took you so long?"  He was glad to be with me, and didn't scorn me for not coming sooner.
     The love I felt at that time was surreal. His presence filled me with peace, love and joy, all at the same time. It was a love fest with Jesus and me alone, and it was beautiful. He had spoken to my soul, and with His words, He washed and cleansed me.
     If we take the time and listen closely and quietly, we can hear those living waters flow from His heart to ours. His River brings healing, hope and everything we need to not only survive, but to thrive and flourish. Although my husband and his brother had respect for each other which made for good company and sweet communion between them, this alone can not heal souls. Only the voice of God's love expressed to us, can do that.




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