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Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Choice by His Power

     We have the power, if we are in Christ, by His Holy Spirit. The power for what? The power to "choose life." The meaning of this phrase can be far-reaching. "Life" includes everything of God, really, or that is in line with His will. His will is for us to grow in grace and truth, and for us to choose this path daily, as He's already conquered death, or those things that would try and destroy, limit or dissuade us.
     Sinking our teeth into this truth is mind-boggling and heart endearing! Our own will becomes empowered by His victory on the cross, and so we can honestly say, "I can do all things, THROUGH CHRIST, who strengthens me." In the past, I was bothered by this, because I felt that I couldn't do anything, which is true, if we are talking about apart from Christ. But, with Christ and His power which has conquered death, we (or He in us) can do anything unabated. And so, we continue to grow in this, as we understand, and believe the dynamics behind it, and as our "oneness" with Him gets closer.
     So, it is with our daily choices of life that we come into Life and Love and Truth; more pointedly, into Him.


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