Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Offering Our Gifts to Him

     A blank screen, a love for expressing myself with written words, a desire to hear what God wants me to share, faith that He will answer that desire, and loving the unseen people all over the world who might read these posts and may possibly be touched, are the components that go into me writing this blog.
    And so I launch out and see what comes out of my fingertips. Strange as it may sound, I am often surprised, as it happens almost supernaturally. That is why the title of this blog is "Great and Unsearchable Things." It is taken from Jeremiah 33:3, which says, "Call upon me and I will show you great and unsearchable things which you know not." It's kind of like, "ask and you will receive." (Matt. 21:22)
     I take God at His word, and I believe, although He was talking to Jeremiah at the time, He also is saying it to whosoever will believe what He says is true for them, also. So, He is telling me that if I call on Him for what to put in the blog, He will drop these "things" in my spirit, and then I write them down. It is not a word-by-word process, but just a believing that what I am directed to write, is from Him.
     Some may think this is presumptuous, sacrilegious, crazy or even arrogant to think this, but it's just that I believe that what God says is true for everyone, which includes me. And so I write in faith believing that it's Him, and that perhaps one person who reads it needs to hear what is being said, and He will use it to touch their heart, save their soul or their life, or move them one step closer to Him. If one post does that for one person, it is so worth it.
     Something happened in my life which compares to what I am referring to above. When my Grandma passed away, the female relatives were dividing up her belongings. We were asked to put on a piece of paper, what we wanted, and if there was more than one person who wanted something, then a drawing would occur.
     Well, my Grandma collected salt and pepper shakers, and kept them in a cabinet in her bedroom. Whenever our family would go to visit her, my sister and I would go in there and just gaze at them. There were so many, and each one unique. Sometimes she would open the cabinet, and let us hold some of them, as she watched on.
     When it came time to write down what we wanted, I wrote down the salt and pepper shakers, thinking that everyone would also write them down. Guess what? Nobody wrote them down because they thought they wouldn't have a chance in getting them, so I got them.
   Pretend that the promises God makes in His Word are like my Grandma's possessions. If we want them, then we can have them, because we believe that He is telling the truth. We know He cannot and that He will not lie.
     I believe that because I call on Him to write each post, that He hears me, and deposits in my spirit what I am to write. I also believe He knows who is going to read each one, on what day, with whatever is going on in their life and whatever they are feeling and thinking at the time, what their needs are, what words will touch them, and how the writing will affect them as they read. I trust Him for that and more. I believe He guides them supernaturally to this blog, and in which posts to read.
     Do I think my writing is equal to the Word of God? Indeed not, but I do believe that when we surrender the gifts and talents He gives us to Him for His use, that He does use them for His glory as tools in His hand to help other people.
     So, that is how this blog is developed each day. When I discovered the stats that I could look at as to how many people read it, I was first tempted to measure it's success as the world does, in numbers. Then God got me back on track, by giving me His perspective of the value of "one person." I have seen Him go to great lengths to minister to just one. I've been at many outings and gatherings where much work has been put into them, and realized that it was for only one person. We, individually, are worth that much to Him.
     As each one of us is gifted by Him, and as we offer these gifts back to Him, we can be assured that He is using them, and that they are gaining interest. If we use them for our own advancement, though, I believe we use them in vain and maybe even hurt or disappoint Him. He always is "others minded" and so must we be.  Let's bring honor to our King in the giftings He has given us. To Him be all the Glory!!! 


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