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Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Ways Are Not Your Ways

This is the word God spoke to me this morning. It was for me specifically, but, by His leading, He has directed me to post it to you, the blog readers. He said that it would speak to some of you. It is spiritually discerned, in it's meaning and application to your life:

"At the point of your greatest weakness, desire and felt-need to follow my will for your life, I present to you a higher path to choose: a path which is my will, but in which, according to your current understanding and perspective, seems to violate it.
In choosing this path, although it tempts to bring much confusion and derision inside of you, I will use it to slay your former, false perceptions, and replace them with truth.
This is what is meant by "blind faith"; moving with the flow of life, against your own thinking, and trusting me ultimately. Each blind step transforms your inner man, aligning it will my true will. Ho, I am making the crooked places straight, in the unseen realm of your soul."


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