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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cross, Then the Crown

     One of the reasons I left the institutional church, is because a major teaching in the Bible was being ignored. This teaching is for us to "crucify ourselves" and to "die daily." Instead self seemed to be exalted more and more, and the underlying teaching seemed to be "it's all about you,"; the very opposite of Jesus' heart for us to follow. Add to that, the primrose path including health, wealth and prosperity, as part of the Gospel. This one has been around for along time, and raises it's head on and off. Each time it makes it's appearance, it seems to increase in strength and draw more and more people into it. Of course it does, because it appeals to the self-loving flesh, or sin nature. Then our country exports this false gospel around the world, causing jealousy between those who seem to have it all, and those who don't and think God has forsaken them. Sad, sad treatise on wrongly interpreting the Word of God. I don't know about you but my Word says when people teach that "godliness is gain" we are to avoid them.
     If one does not go through the pruning of God, or the refining fire, then all they've got left is flesh; dirty, stinking rotting flesh. No wonder the physical is being empowered today; not only in material goods increasing in one's personal empire, the focus on one's body and health to the extreme, and desire to protect oneself with an arsenal of weapons.
     The spiritual man seems to be dying, and the man of the flesh is getting stronger, because individuals have not followed in His way of going to the cross and being crucified. Of course this means letting our flesh die daily, by walking in the Spirit, so that His will through us can be seen, and so that He can be glorified through us. Like His own crucifixion, this is a very painful process, but one worthy of going through. As with Jesus, it is "for the joy that is set before" us that encourages us on. After the process is over, we will reap on the other side.
     Another reason to go through this, is that it is the very process He uses to prepare us as His bride, making us ready to meet and greet Him when He returns. He says for us not to be ashamed at His appearing by not being dressed properly at that time. So, we must let Him "get us ready." All we go through in this life, is not about us, but is about Him and His eternal purposes He foreordained before the world began. We must have His vision to understand why we must be crucified, and cleansed, and made new.
     Because we do not get this teaching in most places, I felt compelled to share it with you today. You may be one who has known that the things that are being preached and taught today are not right, and are confused and don't know what to believe. You sense following Jesus is not about "heaping it on yourself" because you saw how Jesus always cared and loved others. You know serving yourself and your own needs has not produced happiness, but you don't know what to do. Go to the cross, and present yourself as a living sacrifice to Him. Tell Him you want to follow His will, and be cleansed, purged and readied for His coming. Agree to go through the pain, with Him and by His power in you, by denying yourself. This is the path of salvation. This is the way. He is always faithful to answer your prayer when it is according to His will.
    Turning from yourself to Him (repenting) is still available to you today. One day the door will be closed.Don't be one of the virgins whose lamps are without oil, and who are locked out. Be one of them who has their lamps burning and who are waiting and ready to receive Him in all His glory. What a wondrous Day that will be!!!!! But first you must go to the cross; then the Resurrection!!!


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