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Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Lower

     I'm at a loss for words. I was watching the movie "Skylark" last night, which is a Hallmark movie about a woman from Maine who married a farmer by way of communicating by letters. She came to love him and his love for the farm, although due to a severe drought was forced to go back to her family in Maine until..........? Well, he said a line in the script which I thought was very thought-provoking. She was saying that he wasn't very good with words, and he replied, "Sometimes words aren't enough."
     So true. Words are very limiting, especially when they try to describe things of a spiritual nature. Spiritual language comes from a totally different realm, and it almost seems wrong to try and force their understanding and narrow them by using words. It's as if they are experienced or revealed from His Spirit to your spirit,  and not described. Maybe I was trying to say what the farmer said that "words are not enough" instead of me being at a loss for words when I started this post.
     Because I love to write and I believe God has given me this gift, and I am mostly led to write about spiritual things, I have to believe that God does something with the words that I write; that He somehow touches them and makes them come to life and effects the hearts and minds of some who read them. Afterall, words are just tools, but dead ones unless God breathes on them and brings them to life. That picture reminds me of the "dead bones" Ezekiel saw, that God brought to life! It's only His touch that is life-giving in any and all things.
     I'm beginning to see the power of God as necessary for anything at all to be significant, or life-changing. It's the same power that raised Christ from the dead, and God says resides in all who are His. How to unleash that power, or how to let it flow is a mystery. I think that it has something to do with us trusting Him and humbling ourselves.
     Currently, God is having me focus on loving my husband and letting my husband love me. That too is a mystery, and beyond my abilities. I need God's power to do both of those things. Resolutions, self-will and having a plan of my own doesn't cut it, just like me writing the right words and putting it in a perfect way to "make the readers" understand, doesn't cut it. God's presence and power must be a part of the equation.
     And how do we let Him be in control? Get lower. Get lower. Get lower, and let Him arise!!! One teacher on the internet keeps saying that "we must decrease, so He can increase." I call that the John the Baptist doctrine, as he was the one who originally spoke those words many years ago. And it is so true for all believers in all times. By humbling ourselves in our lives to His way, He will come forth and touch through us to our spouses, to our children and grandchildren, and to the world, that His face and heart can be seen, and by it, He will make all things new!!!!All to His glory!!!!


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