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Friday, January 03, 2014

"Less of Me" and False Humility?

     "Anyone who thinks he brings something of value, worth or use into the kingdom of God does not yet know himself as he ought. There is no good thing that dwells in our flesh. ( Rom. 7:18 ) The new man is “created according to God in righteousness and true holiness.” ( Eph. 4:24; top ) It is our privilege to put off the old and put on the new but our simple obedience to God leaves us no room to boast. If we think we have something to boast of, it is only evidence that we have failed miserably in putting off the old and are seriously deluded about what the new is!
     All that we bring into the equation of God and man is need. In our flesh we don’t like this but the sooner we come to the recognition of our moral and spiritual bankruptcy, the sooner we can reject our flesh, be changed and filled with His fullness. This is the example we see in John and it is his testimony that we too can believe and have this same life in Christ. If we have no such life, the fault is ours and ours alone. God has never – and never will – turn away those who diligently seek Him. Rather, He rewards such as these. ( Heb. 11:6; top )"

     The above quotes were taken from a website of someone I know, and the content of what the author is saying weighed heavy on me today. God is showing me that part of what I was seeking in the wilderness, was my part in the Kingdom of God. The thought I had this morning confirms that. I thought ' I just want to know that my being here on earth has meant something,' then I read this article. What the author is saying (and the Holy Spirit checked it and confirmed it's revealed truth to me personally) is that ,even our wanting to serve God, and our desire to be significant, can be from the flesh, (where nothing good dwells, as He tells us in His Word) and I believe, what I have been seeking was not from a honorable position, but from my own sense of still wanting to "be somebody." I need to ponder all of this today.


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