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Sunday, December 29, 2013

That He May Have the Preeminence

     I am reading a book entitled, The Torch of the Testimony, that tells about how the movements of God, which started out by personal spiritual experience, resulted in recovered truth, turned into hierarchies, which ended up tainting the truth.  The reason this happened was because people began looking to man instead of God and, as a result, Christ stopped being central. It shows that, whenever this happens, as it seems to always do, a new "sect" is formed which only causes more division in the Body of Christ.
     How can people keep Christ central, as they gather, and not begin to look to a physical man as they do? Is it even possible? Not without mature men and women, being led by the Spirit, among them. Those who by, letting God work inside of them, by crucifying themselves daily, are then enabled to "let the Spirit have his way." Sometimes, in the gathering, that could mean being quiet and letting the carnality of other men be exposed, and sometimes it can mean speaking up and letting Him guide through a human vessel. Whatever means the Holy Spirit uses,(and they are endless) men must be submitted to them, for Him to have the preeminence.
     For example, if a man has much knowledge and understanding from the Word, or by the Spirit of God, and he is gathered with saints, he would be ever vigilant to seek the Lord as to what and when to share. If he dominated the group, each time they gathered, by espousing all he knows, he would become the focus. Either he would repel people, if they resisted him, or he would attract them. It is a very precarious thing, to hold the treasures of God, and be entrusted with them. In humility, a man must "decrease, while He increases," so as the attention will be on Christ, and not him.
     I have "dreamed" of being part of a group where all understood that God has an agenda whenever we meet, and, as each one submitted to that voluntarily, that agenda, by the Holy Spirit would come forth. It would be glorious to see what He had in His heart and mind, as He revealed Himself among us. I know it would be so multi-faceted as His ministry was allowed to flow. I have seen this begin to happen, but then when a man "took over" the Spirit stopped flowing. I grieved.
     Father, make us One with you, as we submit under Your leadership and Kingship, for you alone are worthy!!! Forgive us for taking your place as we gather in Your name, suppressing Your desires, and allowing ours to dominate. In doing this, we have missed the many blessings that you had for us; blessings that would have brought us light and life! Instead we have tried to minister out of our own carnality, and have brought death to those around us, because we had taken the preeminence. We have wanted to be noticed, and You remained in our shadow, instead of the other way around, as it should be. We're sorry. We humbly submit unto You in all of this, trusting in your power, only that enables us. Amen.


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