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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Be Careful with Revelation

     As God shows a person things by revelation through the Holy Spirit, how much of that are they supposed to share with others? Why is revelation given? In I Corinthians 14:16, the Word says that when we come together (gather) that God has given things for people to share, including revelation, but then qualifies it by saying that it should all be done for edification; to build up the Body. So, I guess then it should be determined how and when to share revelation according to His discernment, by asking Him, and responding accordingly. 
     He has given my husband and I revelation concerning 2 things in our culture that are so deeply engrained in many people, both in Christianity and in the world. Living without them in our lives has put us in a position of being separate or even alienated; and yet we've chosen that, based on His revelation to us. Others have received this same revelation, but we didn't receive the revelation from them. He has given it to them individually, as they've walked with Him, and then we found ourselves at the same place.
     These two things, when participated in, interfere with, distract from, and even taint, relationship with Him. And that is hallmark. But if I were to tell you what these two things are, and you haven't been prepared by Him to contain them, it wouldn't "build you up" but may traumatize you, akin to many children's reactions when they find out there is no Santa Claus. (In other words, you have been indoctrinated to believe a lie, and then find out the truth. Truth, like light, can blind the ones who have been in darkness for so long.) But, if you are ready to receive, and He has in fact, started showing you things about them, and then you hear what they are, it will serve as confirmation to you. Then, this will encourage, or build you up, because it will help you know you have indeed heard from God.
     I'm sorry I am being so mysterious, and if I've teased your curiosity. I haven't meant to. What this writing is to further understand the revelations we get from God, and to discern on a deeper level, when, and to who He would have us share them. I am seeing that it is on an individual basis, as they are only for the ones He has prepared, and not for "wholesale distribution." So, as He reveals things to you, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and, as He has assured us in His Word, He will lead you into all truth, in all things.


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