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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Precious, Holy Union

      In the natural, something is wrong with my rib and it hurts! I just had a flash of Adams' rib, which I, as a wife, am. Taken from the side of the man, woman was. There's something to that! And, what if, when something is wrong with Adams' rib (his wife) it hurts him, because she is part of his body? That so begs to be pondered!
     If she is not whole, but is injured in body or soul, he is affected in some way. Either he is hurt out of compassion for her, because he loves her deeply, or he is hurt by her, as she lashes out at him because of that hurt. Both ways cause him pain. She is part of him.
     So, it behooves her to get healing from the Only One who can, by the power of His shed blood on the cross. She  must submerge herself under this healing fountain, for not only her relief and release that wholeness brings, but also for his healing. The synergy of them being "one" works like this. They are "one" by design and are becoming "one" as they both immerse themselves into this stream, and as they do, His Spirit flows more and more freely between and through them, that the world may know He has come. A precious, holy union it is. It's about Christ and His Bride.

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