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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Psalm 91 Revisited

     We can only claim the protective promises in Psalm 91, if we are "under the shadow of His wing." Some may say, "if we are His children, He will protect us." But, I propose that we must submit under Him, to be under His shadow. Our protection is directly tied in with our submission. I am seeing this more clearly every day.
     Remember when Jesus said that He would have gathered Israel as a mother hen gathers her chicks, His chosen people at that time, but that they wouldn't let Him? Yes, He expressed His sorrow over that reality, because they were going astray, or away from Him and His will, and He knew there would be trouble for them outside of His covering, and He hated to see that happen to the ones He loved.
     It's the same for us today and always. If someone insists on their own way, and refuses to submit to His wisdom and ways, they become "sitting ducks" for the enemy and others who may take advantage of  them or lead them down the wrong path, that leads to destruction. If we, however, choose to trust God, and acknowledge Him in all things for our life, we can rest assured that He will offer us that spiritual protection and peace in whatever happens in our lives.


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