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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yes, Lord!!!

     I've known I was called by God since I was 10 years old. When I was in Vacation Bible School, and I first learned about the Great Commission, I heard the call personally to "Go into all the world" and share the Good News. I even went home and told my mother that I found out the reason that we, as believers, were put on this earth. She patted my head, and said, "that's good," not realizing the impact that "call" had on my life.
     My focus on this call was "off again, on again" as I was sucked into life as we know it. But, never did the call go away, and it's still with me today at age 62. My heart has always been for world-wide missions.
     God has let me be a part of one-on-one evangelism locally in various ways, in ministry in India, and most recently the Philippines. I have used my talents to sew school uniforms for Africa children, have been privileged to help fund several others who have gone overseas for missions work, missionaries who are over there already, and give to indigenous works. Currently, I have designed a tract for a group in India to be used during Hindu festivals, as a call to come to Christ and be set free from rituals, etc. He has let me encourage many overseas in the Lord, and I was able recently to give the testimony of how God rescued our family out of darkness in the Philippines.
     I don't feel like this call is over either. Even at 62, I am wanting to "go ye" to wherever and whatever adventure He sends me on, even though, within myself, I am not adventurous. His empowerment and being active "in the call" is the most exciting and fulfilling experience I know of.
     If you have a call on your life, and I truly believe that everyone does, listen to the voice of God for the next move He would have you make in that call. It may be just to make a phone call, or write an email, or do something small which will be a part of Him connecting you with someone or something else. You may not even understand what He is doing, but He calls us all to "hear His voice and not to harden our hearts in unbelief," but to take action in response to that voice. If we allow Him to connect the dots, soon a glorious picture of His call in our lives will begin to take shape and form, with Him giving us the awesome opportunity to walk in it. All these calls He gives are part of the good works He ordained us to walk in, since the foundation of the world, all for the purpose of giving Him glory!!!

P.S.-I've noticed there are a few people from Malaysia reading this blog, and was wondering how you found it, and if you are viewing it as a group or as individuals. If any of you would like to email me, my address is:


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