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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Real Utopia

     I am finding that if my will or agenda is the driving force in any situation, whether it be "gathering in the name of the Lord" or in daily life and relationships, or even in social settings, than I can't experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit; that place I posted about yesterday.
      It's about "letting go of control" and turning it over to Him in trust. I have been struggling with that all of my life, and it has been a very hard thing for me to do. Recently, though, I've been "doing it," (only as a result of His work inside of me am I able) and, as a result, He has let me experience that place where His love and will presides, and it has nourished me in those few moments in time.
      It is a place where there is complete harmony, as God the Father, is synergized with God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit and the love that is flowing from one to another, is so that is catches another up in that, and everything else a  person has ever feared goes away. It's also a place that isn't a place, in that geography as we know it, doesn't exist in this place; neither does time or physical dimensions. Only the Love the 3 have for each other; that same place Jesus prayed that we would be taken along with Him as He prayed His last prayer on earth. It is the Oneness of them, bound together by their Love. There is no controversy or disagreement there; only the cleansing peace that springs out of the Love that brings all things together. It is the restoring place of all things. Just writing about it is swooping me up in it. It's a place I don't just want to visit, but I want to live there forever. It is the utopia the whole creation has been looking for. Jesus is the door to this place. Come in  and sup with Him and the Father, and the Holy Spirit. There is a Love feast going on at all time, in this realm. He wants us to join Him there.


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