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Friday, November 08, 2013

God's Heart for His Functioning Body?

     The other afternoon I experienced a most refreshing and unusual gathering at my home. Two couples and one single man came to share Christ, as we sat in a circle in the living room, along with my husband and I.
     The single man is someone the Lord has called to travel around the country and sit in on home group meetings. He shared an observation that the groups that met everyday were the ones who, in his opinion, seemed to function as a unified body.
      Another different happening that I observed was when someone would share something with the group, he would then ask the group what their response was, pointing out that we all had the spirit of counsel and wisdom. My presumption was that, with all of our inputs, we could derive at His guiding truth, by combining them.
     Then another observation I had was that he was a meek person, which I don't see very much, so it stood out. I believe that if we had not asked him questions about what he did, than he wouldn't have shared. He didn't come in with all the answers trying to push them down our throats, as some "leaders" do. There was no arrogance that I could observe. He reminded me of a little lamb. Later my husband said that he should have asked him what trials he has had to go through to get him to this point.
     So, I'm chewing on all of this. I have prayed many times that God would reveal how we, as His Body, were to function in His eyes. What is His heart's desire, I have wanted to know. Could these things He put before my eyes be some of what He wants as His Body gathers? I think so. They just seemed "right" and "good."


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