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Friday, October 18, 2013

And the Two Will Become One

     Something happens between people when you give money to them, and I'm not so sure it's a good thing. I'm referring to supporting others in a foreign country. If you give monthly, or a one time love gift, or even if they just know you have it to give, the relationship starts to be about that only. I don't want others to look at me like that. In fact, if you are supporting someone in their work for the Lord, you begin to wonder if there really is a relationship, or if it's because of your giving to them that is forming the basis for the relationship. The waters get muddy. I'm not saying that it's anyone's fault, but it's just human nature to "be nice to someone" (after all, that's the right thing to do) that is supporting you. If the money was removed, you don't know if there would be a relationship at all.
     I should have listened to my husband, many years ago when he wanted to give anonymously. He ended up surrendering to my wants, and then trouble later ensued in a ministry we were giving through. Then I could see his reasoning. This time, having learned the hard way, I am in agreement that giving anonymously is the best way. Perhaps under the surface,I wanted the recipient to know who was giving to them, maybe to get some sort of "credit" for it in their eyes. (I shudder to think of my prideful motives!)
     God uses all things that happen, to teach, and to help us see a better way, as He has done in my case, as far as giving is concerned. Now, I am even getting excited to give privately and still have a relationship with the people we are giving to. I can advocate for their needs to others, though, which I will be happy to do.
     So, lesson well learned. Also, as a result of the trouble I referred to, God has used it to help me to listen to my husband first, and not have to learn the hard way. He's shown me that even though I don't see why to do something, and don't understand my husband's perspective, that I can join him in faith believing that God is directing him in his decisions. That is a huge growth Christ has done in me, if I am able to do that in the future. This is yet another example of how everything (even our stubborn will and pride) is used for the good of them that love God.


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