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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Faith, Not Sight

     Today I am suffering (?) from jet lag. I just returned from the Philippines yesterday, dodging typhoons and earthquakes along the way. Seriously, while I was there, we experienced a typhoon, and then upon leaving behind me was an earthquake, and then a cyclone in Tokyo where I had landed in one of the legs of my journey home. But, as I put my trust in God as I went, He parted the Red Sea before me, and gave me safe passage.
     At first I wanted to know everything about the weather, as I had heard another typhoon was coming to the area we were at, but then I remembered that God was helping me "not have to know" and to trust Him instead. It seems like, in the past, I had put much trust in my knowing about things, as if the knowing would keep me safe. Not! In fact, I am finding now, that it only robs me of my faith, by making me doubt.
     For instance, when I heard that another typhoon was coming, I began to ask people about it. We had limited access to the internet while there, and so I couldn't find out for myself. After bringing it up in conversation a few times, and no one else seemed to be concerned about it, God quieted me. He was training me to operated in faith, not sight. (or sound or knowing, etc.)
     During my stay there, the school children that were living at the compound where we were staying, had written a Scripture verse with a beautiful card for us, as we were leaving them. The one I received said for me not to fear, that God watches over me as He does the sparrow. Of course, He has given me that one before during the course of my life, and so it brought me great comfort. Only He could know the fear that was trying to grip my heart during these tumultuous weather times while there.
     In the middle of hearing the typhoon rage that night, after I gave up trying to get rid of my fear, He dropped a verse in my spirit. "Ten thousand will fall at your feet, and five thousand at your right hand, but nothing shall come near you," I heard Him say. I had just given a talk about how we can trust God at His word, because He who is faithful is the One who will do, or perform it. Now, here I was in the situation, where I  could believe Him or not. I choose to believe Him in my fearful state. (Even our ability to choose to believe, is His provision) And so, I was not afraid anymore. He had calmed me by telling me that He would protect me, and so it stood. I praise Him for His provision for us in every way! In our weaknesses, His strength is made perfect!!!!  


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