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Monday, September 16, 2013

Appetite Regained

     For awhile I had lost my taste for the Word of God, and it was upsetting to me. I had been eating other things, such as men's articles and books about God and His Kingdom and in the evenings taking in movies. Even though they were movies that were pure and clean for the most part, and many of them even about the things of God, I was using my time in this way instead of eating of the truths in God's Word. Overtime, doing this began to kill my appetite for His Word sadly.
      Now, though, by His loving counsel and direction, I have stopped watching the movies and am being very selective in reading men's books and articles, and I'm finding out that as a result, my appetite for and love of His Word is growing once again. I desire to become a veracious eater! Something about eating it makes my heart grow fonder of Him.
     He is the Bread of Life, and somehow reading His Word brings nourishment too! As the psalmist once said, "it is sweeter than honey," and it renews my mind to truth. It is a marvelous mystery how that works, and how He makes it work. All I know, is I'm back on the healthy diet, and am eating of His truths and it is beginning to taste good again, and I'm happy!


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