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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing"

     I see things in the spirit that other people don't see, and if I respond to them how the Lord is telling me too, I fear I could lose almost everything I have. What kind of things do I see?
     I see the internet becoming more and more entrenched with entertainment, featuring scantily clad women, homosexuals, and a general "Sodom and Gomorrah" type pull to it, even on the front page, and on supposed news sites, the sidebars, and really from every direction. And what would He have me do about it that may cause some derision between me and others? I sense that He is moving me to a place, where I will no longer get on the internet, so that He can protect me, His daughter, from this great pull of the world, which satan is using to get more and more people in bondage to sin. (gradually, of course, as the frog boiling in the water)
     Most don't even realize the change in environment that is going on around them because the previous change gets their senses ready for the next one. And what if I don't get on the internet; how will that alienate me from others? They will see me as "holier than thou," because of their involvement with it and other things of the world that they either don't want to let go of, so they can remain unspotted by it, and they will feel convicted by my choice, or they have been blinded to it overtime, as they didn't listen to His voice when they first started watching, reading, being involved in, or joining in with the culture that is going downhill speedily. God tells us that if we harden our hearts, by not listening to His voice, than we will not enter His rest. In other words, if we refuse to do what He says, we won't be at peace with God. (Unless, it is a false peace that the world gives.) (John 14:27)
    Because we are His "ecclesia" or separated ones, we are called to be just that-separated. "Come out from among them," He calls. (I ICor. 6:17) He doesn't say in vain that we are to not be conformed to the pattern of this world,(Rom. 12:2) or if we love the world, than the love of the Father is not in us. (I John 2:15)
     So, the first thing I think of is how am I going to continue writing this blog, something I truly believe that God has commissioned me to do. I have my blog under my favorites and I think I can just click on it, and not look at the front page. In other words, I can immediately go to my blog and post, then get off. God keeps calling us to a greater and greater place of consecration as we grow in Him. Because of what He has done in us, as we mature, He trusts us with greater and greater levels of trust in Him and what He says, by having us let go of things that will harm us.
     Does my flesh want to let go of this? No, it enjoys it. It likes to not be restrained. However, we are not pleasing the flesh as we grow, but are wanting the Spirit to take more and more ground in us, and that requires hearing from Him and responding to His voice. As we trust Him, and act on it,  I believe, He increases the abundant life in us, so that He might be seen through us.



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