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Friday, September 13, 2013

Jesus Loves Me, This I Think?

     I am in the process of opening up my heart to let God's love flow to me. Before I thought, "I need to get rid of my fear and then His love will come" as something that was on my shoulders to make myself free of, but now I am seeing that as "perfect love casts out fear," I first need to honestly believe that He loves me.
     I have a dear sister in the Lord who has discovered something. She calls it "trusting in the promises." In other words, it is a given truth that He does love me. I just need to believe it or trust that what He says  is true. That is my part-period.
     So, it's not something we keep convincing ourselves of, and in that way, it begins to flow. It already is, and we just need to believe that what He says is true, is true, and as a result, the healing of our souls will begin. This marvelous received love then enables us to have the courage to dismantle the walls and veils that are in us. When this begins to happen, like dams holding back water, the River of God begins to flood us. It will flow out of us to others too, affecting them in ways we don't even know about or realize.
     Do we really believe that God loves us? This is the bottom line from which everything else flows, literally. Even if I understand all the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and can express them beautifully in words or in speech, or if I have gone to the ends of the earth spreading the truth of the Gospel, or even if I have 10,000 views on my blog daily, or if I can recite the whole Bible by memory, or if I can pray the best prayers, or sing worship songs beautifully; if I don't believe that He truly loves me, (from which all flows) then everything else is meaningless, and I become stuck behind my walls.
     Being enraptured by His love for us, is foundational, and it's there for us if we only believe it. And it's everything we need.
Put your face there!!! He loves me, and He loves you. Believe it!!!



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