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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Love Heals

     The other day I needed a friend; someone who loves me to sit and talk things out with. I was experiencing some feelings of fear. I called out to Jesus, and He did supernaturally remove the present feelings. I felt them leave. It was a beautiful and loving touch of His presence.
     But, I knew even then, that I needed to be delivered of fear permanently, and so, by His guidance, I called my friend, and asked her if she had time for me to come over and talk, and she did. It seemed like sharing my feelings and thoughts with someone who loved me would help, and it did.
     Earlier, I had also called someone who is an "encourager coach" for a Celebrate Recovery group. I shared a little with her and she told me when their meetings are, which I plan on attending tomorrow night. This group is for people wanting to overcome in areas such as addictions, codependency and life issues; whatever has them in bondage. I have heard that the people who attend these meetings, because they, too have struggled and have understood it, receive you just as you are. I have thought that if I surround myself with fellow sufferers that too will help.
     I am thinking that when I bring my feelings and thoughts of fear out into the open and let others be people of love and mercy to me, that will help in my being delivered. I can't get out of my mind that "perfect love casts out fear." His love released through others can bring healing to many areas of one's being, and so I'm going to avail myself of that. I'm taking action to let others inside, and am excited to see what God does in and for me, and perhaps how He'll use me to help someone else.
     After I shared with my friend what I had been going through, and we were saying our "goodbyes" she said, "I'm sorry I can't help more," to which I assured her that she had helped, just by loving me. She didn't solve my problem, but she did help greatly. As God takes me along this path of healing, I now know that I must let others in because He wants to use them too in this process.
     Would you who read this mind praying for me too? Thank you and God bless.    


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