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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letting His Courage Have Dominion Through Us

     Sometimes when God gives us a big idea, it's not so that we can "be somebody" when we carry it out; it's so His abilities and bigness can be seen through us. If you've ever had someone say to you, "I can't see how you did that," it is usually because you know so well, that it was not you, or by your power, but Him or His power, working through you that did it.
     There are 4 times I can remember and know for sure that His power sustained and empowered me. I know that He is the One who does that at all times, but there are some times that you are definitely conscience of it. The first one would be when I had 3 young children, only 1 year apart, and I was a very  young and inexperienced mother. During those years, as they were growing up, because I didn't go off the deep end, and was able to somewhat cope, was one of those times. Now, rest assured, because I didn't know to call on God for help, as I raised them, I didn't do a very good job at it, but even so, it was Him who kept me going through all the hardship and struggle nonetheless. I believe, with all of my heart, that He kept me until He called me to be His many years later.
     Another time was when I did call on Him, during a break in that occurred in my home in the country. I was at home at the time, and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I couldn't do it, so with God's power inside of me and His courage handling it, I made it. Many asked and wondered how I did it. I didn't do it; He did.
     The third time was when I walked through the inner-city projects with my son talking to people who we knew were into drugs, crime and prostitution. There was danger all around and darkness so thick, you could cut it with a knife. This occurred at a time in my life after the break in, so I was sensitive to danger. I wanted to run and not go, but decided to go anyway and let the power of God protect and fill me. So, it was Him in me, and not me that walked those streets, having compassion on the lost, the hurting and dying. I, even, was amazed myself at the ease with which He handled things.
     The last thing that He has empowered me to do is to take 3 trips to India. I can't do that sort of thing! The trips are long and tiring, the inconveniences and differences are startling, and unknowns are daily presenting themselves. But, before I went I called upon the grace He provides to empower me. I said, "Unless you go with me, I'm not going," trusting that He would go as I called on Him, and so onward, with His courage, I went.
     Just yesterday, an idea came to me, that if it is from God, and if it happens, will definitely not be done by me. In saying that, I am meaning that I am a fearful person; I always have been, so for me to follow through with this idea would be a miracle. Honestly. Isn't that what it is whenever He empowers us from on high? When we decrease, so that He can increase in us, isn't that how He gets glorified through our bodies and beings? I will gladly step back and "let Him" come forward, as I know who I am. As I said before, I am a coward, but He is my Warrior King. He can handle anything, and equip me for any thing He calls me to, because it is Him, and not me who fulfills His own call, so to speak. One could call that "being crucified with Christ, and yet I live, not I, but Christ that lives within me."
    So, when He gives us something way beyond our abilities to do, isn't He asking us to step aside (die) and let Him do it through us, as in agreeing to get out of the way? I'm reminded of Moses again, at the parting of the Red Sea. God told Him to raise the staff only, and then "stand back and watch the glory of God." Will we let Him be glorified through us as we do?


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