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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Factor Missing

         In the 1960's in America, and in many other cities around the world,  there was a movement to reform societal norms. It produced a lot of turmoil with many losing their lives whether it was during an anti-war demonstration, or a civil rights demonstration, or for breaking the law. I'm sure as in many movements there were innocent people harmed or killed, but also there were many who weren't innocent. So goes it when the masses get together and decide they can change the systems of men.
     I was a college freshman during this period. I participated slightly in the "hippie movement" as I wanted change also. I was bothered by the seeming monotony and senselessness of life on this earth of earning money and then dying. That is how I saw it and still do today. This meaninglessness of life needed to change, I felt, and so that was my interest in this movement. I have found out since, that this movement was so much more than my limited vision of it. The drug usage, the lawlessness and moral depravity associated with the movement diffused any validity to it.
     There was a song then which expressed an ideal which, I felt was worthy and good. The words went-"Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one another right now." The problem with hoping and yearning for this ideal to really happen, is that the ones who wanted this did not factor in the sinfulness of man, and his need of a Savior who could actually change mankind from the inside out so that they could "love one another."
     That is the only way that people's hearts can change. It is not through a movement or legislation or by demonstrating, but it is through being transformed, and made free from the power of sin over man, to enable him to then walk by the Spirit of God; the only One who has real love.  This can only happen by receiving Jesus Christ and letting His shed blood on the cross cleanse us from all unrighteousness as we trust in Him, being willing to die daily as He did.
    I knew the ideals expressed in the song were good, and I knew that war was not good, but because I didn't know Jesus and how He came to save and change mankind, and that He was the only One who can do this, we were using ineffective tools to try and bring these ideals about. All of it was an exercise in futility with unnecessary loss of life. It was man trying to bring peace on earth by their own will power, bypassing the Prince of Peace, the only One who can.
     The only hope we have for people to "loving one another" in mass, is when Jesus comes back and heralds in the "new heaven and the new earth." Until then, hold on tight to the Rock of your salvation, and if you know Him "let your light so shine."



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