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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Cleansing Fountain

     As I was reading a book of sermons written in 1893 yesterday, the Lord convicted me in what was being said by the author. He gave several examples, and then labeled them as  someone who has "contempt." As I was reading, I thought what a terrible person this was, as the preacher described the thoughts and actions of this person. Then, it was as if the Lord said in my spirit, "you are the man," as Nathan did with David several centuries ago.
     As God turned the light on inside of me, I could see that I was indeed this person with contempt, and my soul was "sore vexed." Even though this is an archaic expression, it perfectly describes the feelings that I had. I was grieved and heart broken, but glad that God had unveiled me, as only He can. Until things are brought out in the light, they remain in darkness and hidden; festering and growing.
     And what can we do about them anyway? Someone told me not too long ago that there was nothing I could do to aid in my sanctification. I disagree. Although I cannot sanctify myself, I can take what God has shown me, and invite Him to do His work of making all things new in me by whatever means He knows is necessary. I have found that He miraculously does this. One minute I am seeing this despicable thing in me; the next it seems to be gone. Granted, we are to change our former actions and reactions  daily once He reveals this sickness, but our ability to do that is also of Him. He gives us grace. To Him only be the glory!
     My contempt, He showed me, was linked directly to pride, that ugly foe. My awareness can help me to "humble myself" but the ability to do that is only a result of His work in me. The pride has to be removed, or at least lessened, so that we can. How else can pride humble itself, when it's against it's very nature to do so? That is like telling a cancer to heal itself.
     Pride is, if examined, the cancer of the soul. It is full of destructive "cells", if you will, which eats up or destroys the good ones. It is flesh personified, in all it's sickening ways.
    Oh, wretched man that I am! Who is able to rescue me? Thank God, for Jesus Christ, the only One who can cleanse my soul. All because of the cross; all because of the blood; all because of Jesus.



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