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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Whoosh of God

     It seems that without notice, in an undercover sort of way, God by His work inside of us tightens a few screws here, and turns a few nuts and bolts there, and then we have a new characteristic in us that we never had before. I call that the "whoosh" of God.
     For example, there have been 2 people in my life who I haven't always honored as I should have. For various reasons (which are never justified) I have had judgments towards them both. Well, God has done a work in me, as I've opened my heart up to Him to remove those judgments.
     I've had contact with both of them lately, and discovered that I had a new found love for them coupled with an acceptance, even a value of them I've never had before. It is all to the glory of God; because it is His work, not anything of me. I know the state of my ugly and wretched flesh, and what happens when "I" try and take over. In fact, my former judgments of these two beautiful people is but one example of the harmful results that can happen. God has said it well in His Word when He says that NOTHING good is in our flesh.
     It is so neat to see the work He does on the inside of us make its way into our consciousness to where we can see it happening, and the good results that follow. Because it is really Christ coming out in and through us, these attitudes bring life to the giver and receiver, and to the Body in general. The other effects are often
unseen as there are also miraculous things happening beyond our recognition.
     So, be assured, that if you desire for Christ to be formed in you, He will be. God will "whoosh" you off your feet, and work in His goodness, as yeast is worked into the dough. After all, the Bread of Life is reproducing us to be His little loaves.


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