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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Raise Them Up

     I noticed yesterday as I was reading  the Word, that in one verse it used the phrase, "and do not forgive them." Then, it had one of those little letters by it, in which you are to look at the bottom of the page to see another rendering of that phrase, and it said, "or, do not raise them up."
      By the leading of the Spirit, I sense there is something else to see in these two phrases being linked; a deeper understanding such as to draw the conclusion that to not forgive someone is to not raise them up. Conversely, to forgive is to raise someone up.
      What does it look like to  "not raise someone up?" When people sin against us, and we don't forgive them in the judgment hall of our hearts, they are "put down" on a level lower than us. Somehow we see them, as not as good as ourselves, and so they are lower in our inner hierarchical pyramid.  If this action of not forgiving takes place, although subconsciously, our superiority over them, is not only felt by them, but even damaging, creating a sort of "punishment," by way of condemnation.
     In reverse, if we do forgive or raise them up in our heart, we "allow"  them to come up to the same level as ourselves. This holy alignment of equalization in us, is the position where God's Spirit can flow and have His way, bringing His healing power between us and them, and, I believe, is the place where He is well-pleased and satisfied.  The oneness and unity of being on the same level, as we raise them up, is the place where blessed reconciliation can take place, and will. But if we "keep them under", and we are above, then we even elevate ourselves above God!!! I see a picture of this, as us above, God in the middle, and the other person is below God.
      Unforgiveness is a dangerous tool. Perhaps this is why God says if we don't forgive, He won't forgive us. He can't, because when we choose not to forgive and we put the other person "under", we put  ourselves away from being "one" with Him and His presence in our lives, as we put ourselves above Him also, because He is forgiveness.
     The verse I had initially used where God said not to forgive referred to the Day of the Lord where He would mete our His judgments on the earth. This ended all chance of forgiveness, as the His timeline for this present earth is going to end. But, until then, we are to forgive, as Jesus forgave us, or "to raise others up" allowing them in our hearts to be on the same level as ourselves.  


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