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Thursday, August 01, 2013

He Will Lead You into All Truth

      It seems, in many Christians circles in America that people have a need to always know the answers when it comes to the things of God. Our man made-in-cement doctrines are espoused as pure truth, and are believed as such by the ones proclaiming them. This is what denominations are made of, and is what separates the Body of Christ.
     It's not that we can't know anything; as the Holy Spirit reveals His truth then we can know it. This truth is derived only by the spirit of understanding that He gives us, and not concocted in our own minds filtered through our carnal understanding, and the lusts of the flesh.  This is where false doctrine comes from.
     Truth, revealed by the Holy Spirit either through the Word of God, or by revelation is the basis of doctrine which can be relied on; it shows the heart and mind of God.
In order to hear these truths in the inner man, one must have a living relationship with Him in which they walk with Him and talk with Him daily.
      Just church-going doesn't cut it. Attendance to an organization does not equate with a relationship with Him. In fact, this very truth is something He spoke to me many years ago when I stopped attending the institutional church, and I was asking Him how people would know I was a Christian if I didn't go to church. His answer was, "Yes, how will they?" indicating to me, by way of spiritual revelation that He was saying, "It's not about that; it's about your heart," which revealed something else to me and that was that He wanted to continue to do His work inside of me so as to "conform me to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ." Taking it a step further, He communicated to me that it is an inside job, and not outward appearances that He is after. All of this revelation, because we have a relationship, and the Holy Spirit is resident within.
     Without Him, by the Holy Spirit, in us, all we've got left is our own hearts and minds to deceive and twist the Scripture, creating false and lusty doctrines that divide the Body of Christ. But, with Him, we can hear clearly His interpretation, and revelation.
     But He doesn't tell us everything! He is God! So, we should be careful when we share with others if they ask us certain questions about God and His Kingdom. What is wrong with "I don't know?" Why is it that we think we have to know everything? Are we trying to be more spiritual than the next person? A humble, "I don't know" would actually be refreshing, because, guess what-I don't either. I wonder and seek and find when and if He decides to reveal things to me. It is according to His timing, wisdom and discretion.
     He says that He reveals thing to the prophets on one hand, and then His ways are past finding out on the other hand. I love this about God. He seems contradictory at times, in our own understanding, yet He is not. I am sure that He makes perfect sense to Himself, and as we grow in Him and in the spirit of His understanding, they will become clearer to us also.
     If you have been programmed by an institution or just from listening to one particular person's teaching, and believe every word they say as if it's the gospel truth, your understanding has been skewed at the minimum, or even perverted at the most. God desires us to seek Him only, and to listen to His Holy Spirit, who He promises will "lead us into all truth." Not man or denominations, or even our by means of our own carnal minds or prejudices.
      Turning to Him by allowing Him to wipe the slate clean of what you formally have thought was truth, is a first step. Then asking for His Holy Spirit of Truth to come and speak to you, is the next one. You will be surprised at what He shows you. By having the Holy Spirit resident in you, you will begin to exercise your spiritual eyes and ears, and truth will begin to renew your mind. You will begin to see that what you thought was truth was indeed darkness, and see true light for the first time. The light of His heart and mind will indeed dispel that darkness!!!! To Him be the glory!!!! Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free!!!


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