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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Oh, For Grace to Trust Him More

     I have a sister in the Lord who does an exercise by the Lord's leading in which He has her take a word in the Word, and look up every passage about that word. In this process, she receives revelation about His ways, character and beauty.
     There is a "new grace" doctrine being taught today with many truths contained in it. It also has many twisted truths, attached to it, which, I believe, are very, very harmful and dangerous. When "truth" and "error" are linked together, it is a deadly mix, no matter what the percentage is. In fact, the more truth that is in it, with a small and hidden amount of unleavened error, the more harmful, I believe, it is.
     It is with that reality, that I believe God is moving me to do as my sister did, and look up the word "grace." I believe He will give me a much broader and deeper understanding of it than I currently now have. And, I feel, I will receive many surprises, as when He leads me to do something, He always does things either in me, or in my understanding or both, which I don't expect. They are usually pleasant and good things. Sometimes they are corrective.
    So, it's off in my search to open myself up to receive what ever He shows me about His Grace. I don't know if He will lead me to share what I find on this blog, but I am sensing, even now, that I won't be able to not share it, unless He says "absolutely no." I am excited at His leading in this new adventure, He's leading me in, to open up my spirit, so He can speak to me by His Spirit to deposit in my understanding, what His Grace truly is.


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