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Friday, August 09, 2013

It's All About Relationship with Him

     "To who much is given, much is required."-God gives us things so that we can "pass them on." Whether it be finances, gifts and talents, or spiritual understanding, our willingness and responsibility to give out, creates a flowing river that nourishes those we come in contact with, in particular, the Body of Christ.
     Spiritual understanding comes from spending time in the Word and in communion with the Lord everyday of our lives. By communion, I am talking about walking with Him and talking with Him, or eating of Him and drinking of Him, as we acknowledge His presence and power in our lives. He adds to this understanding of Him and His Kingdom, as we continue on this path of seeking and then, knowing Him.
     Most people don't know this basic truth. They are fooled by church attendance and doing religious activities, thinking this equals their relationship with Him. I, too, at one time had this mindset. One day the Lord "set me straight" by throwing a glass of cold water in my face, which is what it took to shake me out of believing this falsehood. He spoke to my spirit, laying out the truth by saying, "Going to church is NOT the same thing as your relationship to Me." It was so pure and simple and eye-opening that "it set me free."
     The primary foundation of relationship with the Lord daily is paramount in being able to hear the Spirit of Truth that is resident in us if we are born-again. As we look to our own understanding, we drift from God. He desires to completely guide and direct us in every aspect of our lives, as we follow the flow of His Spirit. Learning to do this, happens in our willingness to trust Him progressively in our walk with Him.
     I'm not sure how much we can really share with one another of what God has shown us, because He is wanting to show each one of us things, as He desires a relationship. If I share my food with you, it is like you will be eating regurgitated food, and not the food He would share with you. On the other hand, my sharing by means of this blog, may cause you to be desirous to see things for yourself, and then begin to seek Him on your own. This is the desire of His heart. So, it is with that postulate that I continue to share, hoping that the things He has shown me will cause you to seek Him more.
     The other reason is that I have to. When God gives us something or things, He also puts in us, I believe, a desire to pass those things on, and in this is great joy. If we hold them back, and just heap them on ourselves, we become a dried up brook. The truth of it being "more blessed to give than to receive" comes to light here. Something supernatural happens when we let it go and share-we cooperate with the Spirit of God as we do, and we , ourselves, are caught in the flow being nourished, as He nourishes through us in the process.
     So, getting to know Him more by walking with Him and talking with Him daily, is first. Then as we get to know Him, we become aware of what He's given us, and as we get established in Him and mature, (become Christ-like as He changes us) we listen to His Spirit to show us opportunities for us to share those things with others. As we release our part, the Body of Christ begins to flow as it is designed to, impacting, not only us, but the world. 


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