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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Opening the Circle

      "Us four and no more" is the attitude of our hearts more times than not concerning groups of people we like to gather with. We are comfortable getting to know certain people and the dynamics involved with different personalities as we do. Subjects we discuss when "us four" are together vary, but since we know each other so well, we can almost predict what each other's reactions are going to be.  It is a joyous fellowship and life is good!
     Or is it? If we aren't careful we can become exclusive in our groups. This closed mindset can unconsciously keep others out and prevent them from enjoying the positive aspects of life in the Spirit through the Body of Christ.
     Many years ago after my daughter was newly "saved" (the Lord found her) she was offered a job at a uniform shop. Four of the employees were Christian young women, about her same age. At this time, she needed friends, because her former friends were people who did not know the Lord, and who would not have been a good influence for her. She was needing to grow in Him, and "learn the ropes" so to speak.
     These young Christian women, immediately opened up their circle to my daughter. It was beautiful to see, as I knew it was a provision of the Lord for her. She had an instant group of friends whose focus was on the Lord and following His will, as hers was. They began to do things outside of work together, and even seemed to see the Body of Christ as a whole, making no distinctions between people because of their age. They even included me and my husband in on some of their activities.
     The importance of opening up to all people as we walk with our Lord cannot be overstated. It allows the flow of His Spirit to happen as it brings new life to each one involved, instead of stagnant waters that dams produce. Although good fellowship is not wrong in any way, shape or form, becoming exclusive, by setting closed boundaries is. We must be aware of how things can develop in our gatherings, and even more so of our own individual mindsets. It only takes one person to open up and "let others in."
     I am so grateful to those 4 young women who did that for my daughter. I believe, it helped her greatly stay "in the Lord," in her infant stage. It fulfilled the directive Jesus gave Peter when He said, "feed my lambs," for Jesus knew how vulnerable the little lambs are. Those girls provided a safety net around my daughter by their love and acceptance. Their actions, reflecting their giving hearts, also showed me how important opening up to others is, and the effects that can have through the Spirit's keeping and healing power, when we do.




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