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Monday, August 12, 2013

Turn Around

     This morning I woke up feeling an emptiness, which was like deja vu for me. It reminded me of a time in my life, when I didn't have Christ's presence resident within me, and it was a scary and sick feeling. I honestly believe that He let me feel this again so that I could write this post today.
      Experiencing this void in my soul, and remembering how it felt without Him, compelled me to encourage whoever does not know Him that might read this, and who  may have these feelings, to "turn around." Jesus is behind you. He is that close.
     No matter what you have done, you can still be found by Him, if you desire to be. The devil has lied to you on this point. He has told you that it is too late, and you are feeling hopeless; even suicidal. You, too, feel this emptiness, as if you are lost, and you truly are, but the remedy is to turn around and embrace Jesus Christ, your Savior.
     Even if you don't understand everything about Him, or even your own sin, and how all of that works, if you say, like a woman recorded in the Word of God did, "Your God will be my God," He will receive you on the basis of you wanting Him, and lead you from whatever place you come to Him from.
     My own story about coming to Him was not like many people's. It was not me going to the altar, and asking forgiveness of my sins. I was on the kitchen floor alone, because my husband had pushed me and left. He was not abusive, but I had been over the years and he finally got enough of it. As I lay there on the floor, God showed me a dead and dry corn field, and said, "If you continue the way you are now, this is how your life will look, but if you turn to Me, I will restore the years the locusts have eaten." With that before me, I replied, "I choose You, Lord," and He took me in just like that. Later as I continued to walk with Him, I confessed my past sins as He brought them to my consciousness.
     I relay that to show you that He is a multi-faceted God and He does come to different people in many different ways, and that is why He allowed me to feel that emptiness this morning, so that I could tell you (and you know who you are) that you just need to "turn around" with your heart opened to Him, and He will receive you.
     There is nothing like His presence. It brings a freshness and a fullness that you will not experience any other way. It is opposed to the dark and empty void one feels in their souls without Him. His Word says that when we receive Him that He brings us out of the kingdom of darkness, and into the Kingdom of His dear Son, or into the Kingdom of Light, for He is the Light.
     Can you sense His breath on the back of your neck? Turn around right now,  and He will receive you, and your emptiness will be full with His presence and love. He will be yours, and you will be found in Him.


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