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Monday, August 19, 2013

Agreeing to Sacrifice for Others

     Facing the realities of life is tough. In our own personal worlds there seems to be enough troubles, or things out of shape to fret over and make one want to escape. And many do. We try to cope in various non-productive ways such as drinking alcohol or drugs, eating too much or the wrong kinds of foods, getting absorbed in hobbies in an unbalanced way, busying ourselves to the point of exhaustion, or spending money on things we don't need, or even sometimes want. There are many other ways too we attempt to pacify ourselves and the feelings we experience when things are out of kilter in our lives or in the lives of the ones we love.
     So, how do we face reality, and not run or hide from it, and also remain "at rest" in the Lord? Sometimes if I decide to enjoy His rest for myself (meaning I am trusting in Him to take care of things) I feel somewhat guilty, as in survivors guilt. I want to take all my loved ones with me to the land of milk and honey; not leaving one behind. I don't want to take what is mine, while they struggle or are in pain. I'm not saying this is the way to go; I'm just saying that is how I see it at times. I have a bent as a martyr, and in this also, I will suffer and wait for them if that is what it takes. I will delay my joy for tomorrow, until all their problems are resolved. Herein lies my idealism.
     But, that is how it was when Jesus rescued all my family members. I couldn't enjoy my own deliverance until all my chicks were under His wing too. I stood on His promise that "you will be saved; you and your whole household," and until they all were, I remained restless and wanting. He came true with the promise I was believing in which completed my own redemption. But even with us all being His, there still are unresolved issues in all of our lives which cause us pain and suffering, and now I am believing Him to "restore the years the locusts have eaten" in our lives.
     My tendency is to suffer with the suffering, for I too, understand it. As I posted on this blog yesterday, I can so identify with "bearing one another's burdens." I have been on the languishing bed of sorrow, with a longing desire, that someone would have come see me and sit by my side and hold my hand as I suffered. Just their love, I felt, would bring some healing. I know it would bring comfort.
     So, the question remains in my soul: Is it wrong to defer my own joy and happiness in the Lord, to go into the places of others' suffering and be with them in it? I, too, still suffer in my soul even though I have Him, so I truly understand it.
      My human responses to reality bring fear, sadness and a feeling of hopelessness at times, and it's then, that I need someone in the Body of Christ to bring the soothing of His compassion to me. Another thing I experience is self-loathing for the way I react sometimes. In this also, my need is for someone to tell me I am believing a lie of the enemy against myself, when I cannot see or hear correctly. We need to come along side each other, in the realities of life and not remain cold or disconnected as we rock peacefully on our floats out in the sea of life.
    Coming into another's life willingly in this way, can help them deal with the realities of their life, whether real or imagined. It takes risking our own safety. Instead of self-protection (self-love) it is called sacrificial love and it looks a lot like a cross. Will we, His Body, walk the Via de la Rosa as He did, and suffer for one another's sake? In this way, aren't we experiencing the fellowship of His suffering too?


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